To video or not to video? That is the question.

Does being behind the camera scare the pants off you?

It certainly was the case for me before I took the plunge and recorded my first #video. To be honest I am not sure what I was so worried about. Well, ok, maybe that is a lie. I was worried about how I sounded, what I looked like, would people even watch it? And in the savage world of #socialmedia would I end up with horrible comments that I wasn't used to having to deal with in a public platform? These thoughts all went through my head before I hit record.

The vulnerability experienced by many people with putting yourself out there can be quite confronting but in the marketing world you need to do it.

There are so many #benefits associated with creating videos as opposed to just writing posts when it comes to promoting your business. People are more likely to watch a video than read a long post. I see so many business owners writing painfully long posts on social media and if you're like me, you switch off after the first paragraph. If you can't get your main message across in the first few sentences then you need to re-evaluate your messaging and format. If you need to write a long post, I would strongly recommend you start a blog and use social media as a way to drive people to your #blog. Or better yet, record a video.

If #instagram is your choice of platform, you generally only have 60 seconds to work with so it forces you to be clear and concise. Or if you really want to test yourself, go LIVE! Both #facebook and Instagram allow you to go live. This is a lot scarier than pre-recording your videos and posting them. However if you're new to the whole video thing, I suggest pre-recording your first few videos. That allows you to write down some notes on what you want to say and if you stuff up, well, you can just delete and start again or even edit the video.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, " Consumers like it (video) because it's easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, and marketers like it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. Video is also very accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce." I believe these these reasons alone justify using video as part of your integrated marketing communications strategy. You can essentially reach a larger audience with much less effort.

As a marketing consultant, one of the main questions I get asked when I suggest video is - what content should I put in my video? Or what should I say in my video? Both great questions because whilst it is great to use videos, you should ensure the content is relevant. Specialising in small businesses and start-ups, I often suggest my clients make an introductory video from the business owner, this is important as it shows consumers the person behind the company and gives a more personable vibe to the company. If you offer products, it is often a great way to give a demonstration or if you offer services, an explainer video is often a good option. I have even had clients give sample versions of their in-person sessions so that potential clients can get a feel for what they could expect if they sign up or get involved. The opportunities are endless. Whatever you you decide to include, make sure you have a strategy behind it and it fits in with your marketing objectives.

So what are you waiting for? Bite the bullet, and start recording!

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