The Art of Personal Branding

Building your company brand is always a hot topic when it comes to marketing. A strong brand equals success. But I believe for small business owners in particular that the holy grail is the ability to build your personal brand.

More often than not owners of small businesses are the face of their company. This means that when consumers think of the company they immediately associate the owner with the company and this can impact their perception of what it is your trying to sell albeit good or bad. So how do you build a personal brand? Why isn't the company brand enough?

As Editor-in-Chief of Shopify Aaron Orendorff states, "Personal Branding is the story that people tell about you when you're not in the room". So I say let that story be a good one, a positive one and create a lasting reputation that you can be proud of.

The task of creating a personal brand can be daunting for some but it doesn't have to be. In an article written in November last year on, Contributor Goldie Chan talks about the 10 Golden Rules of Personal Branding. It is definitely worth a read:…/10-golden-rules-personal-branding/…

By creating a strong personal brand (one that is focused, genuine, consistent, leaves a positive impact and that you are more than happy to live by) you will almost certainly be on your way to success.

Question of the day... what story do you want people to tell about you when you're not in the room?

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