As a marketer and business owner I know how important creating a brand identity is. From the simple aspects like choosing colours and logos through to creating a personality and truly connecting with your audience.

There is one aspect of building your brand identity that I believe is really important, particularly with regards to social media. It is the term referred to as "Reflection". In basic terms it is how a brand represents its target market.

In a social media workshop I attended recently we discussed creating "avatars" that represented your ideal target customers and from there creating relevant content that really resonated with them. The concept of Reflection, I believe goes hand in hand in that it is how your brand depicts who your typical customer is and therefore speaks to them on a more personal level. We are talking things like beliefs or attributes and even demographics. Being able to portray these things through your brand identity means you are essentially reflecting your typical customer and therefore molding your brand identity to resonate with them.

By understanding these areas from the beginning and using them to help you build your brand identity, it is more likely your brand will appeal to your desired target market and tasks like creating your avatars for social media will be far less taxing.

Question of the does your brand reflect your target audience?

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