New vs Retention

As a small business owner myself I know how important it is to obtain new clients. Building up a client base can be hard work and let's face it, it is how we make more money. However I see a lot of small business owners focusing on building their client base and putting all their marketing efforts into generating new leads. But what if I told you that retaining existing clients is just as, if not more, important. Retention is what keeps your business going. Not only can it provide a steady flow of income but it also aids in building brand ambassadors. These brand ambassadors i.e. your dedicated clients are a great form of advertising and the best part is - it's free advertising! These customers are the ones who have no hesitation in providing testimonials you can use on your website or in social media and they are the ones who generate word of mouth recommendations. So, if you aren't doing so already, look after your "brand ambassadors" because you will almost certainly reap the benefits. Next time you speak with them, don't be afraid to ask for a testimonial - I can guarantee you won't walk away empty handed. Do you currently focus on retention? #retention #brandambassador #smalbusinessmarketing #branding #brandstrategy #marketingconsultant #testimonials #wordofmouth #tkrconsulting

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