Does your brand have a voice?

Creating a look, feel and voice for your brand is a super important aspect of building your brand identity. These elements are something that should be carried through all of your marketing channels to help build brand recognition.

So while things like company colours, fonts and images might seem unimportant to some, it is these elements that make up your "brand's voice" that essentially enable you to:

- set your company apart from your competition;

- build recognition of your brand in the eyes of consumers; and

- create consistency

You'll notice that all of my social media posts incorporate my puzzle image - I do this so that when my followers / clients are scrolling through their feeds, they know it is one of my posts and they can quickly identify it.

Question of the day...what do you use to set your company apart from the competition? What is your brand's voice? #brandstrategy #brandvoice #brandidentity #marketing101 #marketingstrategy

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