Are your images relevant?

Did you know?

According to Mediakix, Content with relevant images gets 94% more views.

With the rise of social media and increased competition to hold mind-share in the minds of our consumers, it is so important that our content, in particular images, is on point.

In my recent Building Your Brand Identity Workshop, I discussed the relevance of images when it comes to building your brand identity and how we need to ensure that the images we use resonate with our target market but more importantly represent our brand personality and the message we are trying to get across.

While it is good to keep an eye on what our competition are using or doing, we need to remember to not get caught up in what we think we should be doing but rather staying true to our brand and what we stand for. Be strategic in your image choices and make sure they are relevant.

TIP: If you are trying to portray a professional image, one other point I like to stress to my clients is to refrain from using "selfies" when you want to share a photo of yourself or bad quality images i.e. photos that have a grainy appearance - they can really take away from the professional image you are trying to portray, decrease the perception of quality amongst your target audience and really diminish your brand identity. So if budget and time permits invest in professional headshots rather than a selfies and look at subscribing to a platform like to purchase high quality relevant images.

Do your images truly represent your brand? Are they relevant?

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