Which piece of the puzzle do you need?

I understand that each business is different and that means that each of my clients will need a different level of engagement to suit their needs and objectives.

That's why I have created 4 different packages to choose from:

Level One

A little bit of this, A little bit of that.

4Hours Per Month

This package has been designed for clients who only need a little bit of assistance when it comes to their marketing efforts.


Often clients that choose his package will be managing most of the marketing themselves but still need assistance with execution of their marketing strategy.  

Level Two

Please Ma'am I want

some more!

8 Hours Per Month

This package has been designed for clients who run regular campaigns that require an integrated approach and strategic direction.


These clients will still take the reins on some activities where able, yet still need the extra help to keep their marketing presence consistent.

Level Three

Just not enough hours in my day

12 Hours Per Month

This package is for clients who may have a strategy in place but may not have the time to implement it, execute it or monitor and measure their efforts.


These clients know how important marketing is for their business so would rather outsource a large portion of it to ensure it gets done.

Level Four

Take it! take it all!!

16 Hours Per Month

This package has been designed for clients who wish to outsource all of their marketing efforts.


Clients that choose this package do not have the time or resources to focus on marketing yet require strategy and structure and therefore understand the importance of incorporating marketing as the final piece in their puzzle.

So what is included in these packages?

I should probably tell you now that I am pretty flexible with how the time is used when you sign up to one of my packages.

The services I provide include:

  • Marketing & Branding Strategy

  • Marketing Plan Implementation

  • Campaign Development

  • Social Media, Website and Email Content Creation

  • Social Media Scheduling

  • Landing Page Creation

  • Basic Website Development using the Wix Platform (I built this website!)

  • Website Updates for Wix and Wordpress Websites


WOAH, hold up! I don't even know where to start with my marketing. 

If this is you, then fear no more.

This is exactly what I specialise in. 

If jumping into one of the packages is not quite where you are at yet because you don't have the foundation or objectives defined for your marketing strategy, then let's chat.

An Initial Consult with Yours Truly is $229. 

What does this include?

  • A 1 hour face to face meeting

  • A marketing recommendations document that covers everything we chat about and all the extra stuff that you need to know.

I want to get things right from the start; I need a marketing plan!

Stand for an applause!


This is a great attitude to have. A Marketing Plan will provide you with the foundation you need to get your marketing right from the start. 

A Marketing Plan will:


  • take a deep dive into your industry,

  • force you to define your objectives,

  • put your business under a microscope; and

  • really apply a comprehensive strategy to ensure success.

Sell the solution, not just the product or service.

Kirsti Reynolds, TKR Consulting